Bodegas Los Frailes
Integral Development

Bodegas Los Frailes Corporate Image comprehensive development project, as well as all its graphic applications.

Bodegas Los Frailes project includes the design of the wine brand corporate image, brand application, logo, packaging, website and advertising for both online and offline media.

G2 have been working with Casa los Frailes for more than 14 years. Since the beginning of the collaboration we looked forward to ensure that the labels shown the tradition and the good work of these wines to the end customer. Furthermore, we wanted also to transmit that the wines are ecological, and have a long family tradition. The winery has belonged to the Velázquez family since 1771.

We developed the labels for all Bodegas los Frailes wines variety, the posters and the promotional brochures, as well as the packaging of the bottles.

Just like all the websites that we develop in G2, we have designed a very intuitive and attractive web page that allows for a great user experience. Furthermore, it has been set up so as to have the best natural positioning in Goggle (SEO). It has also been created to be adaptable to all mobile devices (responsive design).

G2 Disseny knows that new technologies  are the leaders of marketing today. Social media networks and online marketing have a privileged place in the world of sales. Indeed, if a company is not  up to date with these technological developments, they might as well not exist.

It´s a well-known fact that having a web page, nowadays, is a necessity for any company or organisation.
Whether you are a small or large company, whether your market is global or local: having a website will allow you to easily promote your products to a large audience.