Spirits Bottles
Pago de Tharsys

Design of the labels for the new line of natural distillates of Pago de Tharsys.

Emotion and tradition come together in a label that seeks to surprise and evoke.

Fly, Laugh, Seduce, Share, Dream…


In the elaboration of the five distillates there is a very complex and meticulous traditional process of distillation and maceration, where each of the ingredients that intervene in the process are natural, local, seasonal and ecological and sustainable.

This dedication is transmitted in the design of the label, which through the Valencian tile transports us to the roots of the company and whose delicacy and striking stampings highlight the evocative name of each variety.

Pago de Tharsys has been the forerunner of artisanal distillation in the Utiel-Requena area and the production of high-quality distillates, currently being the only winery that has a distillery and, from now on, will bottle and count with its own range of natural distillates.