Integral Development

Zi-ROU hydro-alcoholic gel Corporate Image Comprehensive development project

This brand development project included the logo design and the corporate image applications, as well as the packaging and the website.

The exceptional circumstances in which we found ourselves at the beginning of 2020, allowed us to get involved in a project closely linked to protection during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In those moments of fear and misinformation, we try to developed a very easy to understand corporate image and graphic applications. The aim was to transmit tranquillity, well-being and protection to the end user.


Just like all the websites that we develop in G2, we have designed a very intuitive and attractive web page that allows for a great user experience. Furthermore, it has been set up so as to have the best natural positioning in Goggle (SEO). It has also been created to be adaptable to all mobile devices (responsive design).

G2 Disseny knows that new technologies  are the leaders of marketing today. Social media networks and online marketing have a privileged place in the world of sales. Indeed, if a company is not  up to date with these technological developments, they might as well not exist.

It´s a well know fact that having a web page, nowadays, is a necessity for any company or organisation.
Whether you are a small or large company, whether your market is global or local: having a website will allow you to easily promote your products to a large audience.