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Grace´s Harvest Logo

Grace´s Harvest Logo

Design and development of the Grace’s Harvest company logo. The company is focused on exporting Spanish wine to the Chinese market.

The customer´s briefing was a corporate image with classic and traditional features, that represent the company and also its Asian market, whilst maintaining a cutting-edge image.

To achieve their  needs, we studied many graphic elements. Finally we highlighted three concepts, which together go to make up the logo. These concepts are (as you can see in the image on the right):

  • The image of a shield which portrays classic brand value.
  • The vineyards which reminds us of the tradition of vine growing.
  • The image of an Asian woman, represented by the letter g of Grace.

Bringing all these graphic elements together results in a logo which shows great strength and personality and therefore clearly meets all the objectives and needs required by the customer.

Furthermore, a seal was developed at the same time as the logo and was later used to help design the wine bottle labels for this company.

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