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Farmacia Vergel corporate image

Farmacia Vergel corporate image

Development of the Farmacsi Vergel corporate image: logo, graphics applications, including work clothes and stationery, as well as implementation of the new image into the facade and in the interior instalations of the pharmacy for the company Rosacoloma. (Images of the pharmacy, owned by Rosacoloma)

As is shown in the video on this page, we took into consideration several different elements to design the logo of the pharmacy, such as the V of Vergel, a leaf for the homeopathy area, plasters for the medical care, a pharmacy green cross, a heart that signifies taking care of people, and some sea waves because of its location near to a beach. The combination of all these elements helps to make up the image of the logo in a very simple way and manages to convey all these values.

The chosen corporate colour was a green seawater one, which as well as reminding us of the green colour of the traditional pharmacy, also reminds us of the colour of the sea which is very close to the establishment´s location.

Once the brand image was developed, it was applied to the different shopfronts and inner areas of the store using vinyl stickers. This helped to separate the different product areas, such as cosmetics from the babies´and children´s range. There was also the creation of a striking facade that makes the business more attractive for customers that pass through the neighborhood, enticing them to enter.

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