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Poznajopinieeksperta web design

Poznajopinieeksperta web design

Web design of the opinion leaders from W&H´s Polish subsidiary (Poznajopinieeksperta).

The aim of the website was to show several doctors commenting on the new W&H product that was launched on the Polish market.

A very neutral website was designed, using grey and green colours along with black and white images. The general image of the website linked up very well with the product being promoted, since it was also created using white, grey and green coloured materials.

In this way, the website managed to unite the doctors around the product without them even having to name it. The website transmits professionalism, seriousness and technology, something which is also true of both the W&H brand and the doctors.

In addition, the design of the website was adapted so as to be able to be viewed from both computers and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Along with the website, we designed several types of banners that were used to promote the website from other platforms (such as specialized websites, social networks, trade magazines …)

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