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Graphic design advertising campaigns for Iris Vision

For these campaigns, it is necessary to design posters and wallstickers for stores, as well as advertisements for mass media.

G2disseny works continuously in the development of the marketing campaigns of Iris Vision group.

Every year, an annual marketing plan is carried out, in order to analyse the promotional needs of the brand. Examples: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas Campaign…

There are also seasonal moments where it may also be interesting to carry out sales and / or promotional campaigns, due to there being seasons of the year that have higher sales opportunities. For example, the summer campaign give us the possibility to sell a lot more sunglasses than in January.

This is also the case for specific campaigns. For instance, products that are not intended for all customers, and where there may be a greater strengthening of customer loyalty (such as in the case of contact lenses or the Hearing Aids) often require a special campaign.

Graphic Design
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