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Design Dominio de los Duques cava labels for Bodega Pago de Tharsys

Design Dominio de los Duques cava labels for Bodega Pago de Tharsys

Design of the “Dominio de los Duques” cava brand and cava bottle labels.

For this project, the customer was interested in doing a restyling of the “Dominio de los Duques” cava brand and also a new design for the cava bottle labels.

We developed both the design and the labels, as shown in the images below.

“Dominio de los Duques” cava is one of the varieties of Bodega Pago de Tharsys. The vineyard has twelve hectares of fields with the optimal conditions for obtaining the best raw materials for elaborating our wines.

Varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Bobal, Albariño, Tempranillo.

Production: 1.5 kg per vine stock aprox.

Soil: limy and sandy, poor in organic material and good permeability

Vineyard location: high plateau of Requena, 650 meters altitude, orientation north-south with a light slope

Climate: continental climate with a slight Mediterranean influence. Annual average temperature 13ºC. Summers are hot and dry with high fluctuation between day and night (fluctuations up to 20ºC). Winters are cold with occasional rain. Annual average rainfall of 350-400l/m2.

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