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Editorial design for INTERACT (European Commission)

Editorial design for INTERACT (European Commission)

Development, design and layout of the publication “Survey on large scale projects”

This publication is intended to Procurement & Large Scale Projects:
Undoubtedly, the correct use of public procurement procedures is one of the main challenges faced in all types of cross-border cooperation programmes. In the case of ENPI CBC, this is particularly important when we refer to the implementation of Large Scale Projects with a predominant investment component and where national procurement rules of Partner Countries are applicable as well.

To assist programmes in properly applying public procurement rules, INTERACT ENPI has elaborated a Guide on Secondary Procurement in ENPI CBC Programmes which describes the relevant rules and provides guidance for their practical application. It also presents a comparative analysis of the national procurement legislation of Belarus, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova with PRAG rules and explains the necessary adjustments needed in order to comply with best international practice. The guidelines are also available in the relevant national languages.

The INTERACT ENPI experts are providing guidance for the beneficiaries and partners of Large Scale Projects on different topics through regular trainings organised in collaboration with the concerned programme bodies. Additionally, a LabGroup has been operating since September 2009 in order to discuss issues related to the identification and the preparation of the technical documents which are essential for the implementation of this type of projects.

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